Chapter: 6 W1D5 “Saturday morning plans.”

//–Previously on Zack, Luke and the Mysterious reflections.()

“he’s chasing us!

“there he is now, is he gonna attack papa??”

“Why are you talking to him?!?”

“Do you see that house?” Maki asked Zack who wasn’t paying attention and ran inside to Zelda, thinking ‘If this is a ghost, that’s why you don’t want them out of the house, your a superhero!’

and now…//\\

“Pookbear, when are you gonna grow up?”

“… …when you do.”

The calender says Saturday, but looking at a window I call it Sunday, for prisms surround the floors and other things with brilliant colours made from the sun…day! some say.

Chapter: 6 W1D5 “Saturday morning plans.”

Saturday morning and all through the house not a creature was staring except for a little boy looking out the kitchen window,

“Hmmm.” Zack stared out the window and told his dad who read while eating breakfast. “The cumulus clouds are showing creatures in a pleasant light, but toward the distance some’re fighting, and that is never very good,” Zack sighed “at least that’s what Joy says.”

“Oh?” Patrick leaned up to look out at the clouds “Well, he’ll be here soon.”

“Really?” Zack asked watching as Patrick stood up.

“Yeah…” Patrick answered, then bit his lip, looked around and asked “Zack, I wondered if you would like to go with them this afternoon.”


Patrick took a deep breath and told Zack “Maki thought you might like to go to the park… Maybe even Luke will go with you guys.”

Zack smiled and said “Really?”

“Yeah,” Patrick answered “she asked me last night, she wants to show you something…”

Zack popped open his eyes and took a big breath before he started to say “Then maybe it’s…”

“What?” Patrick said and sat back down.

“She was trying to tell me something last night,” Zack continued to smile and added “Maybe it has to do with that, and everything else, stuff I found you know…”

Patrick frowned, mumbled “You guessed it” then told Zack, “Well, it’s just going to be a picnic,” then reminded Zack “and don’t forget, we gotta get to a supper at your aunt Chelsea’s tonight okay.”

“Yeah,” Zack remembered and asked “you think Zelda will come with us? I mean Maki’ll be here watching the house right?”

“… it doesn’t hurt to ask. Least,” Patrick shrugged his shoulder with a smile adding “it might actually help her to get out sometime if we continue to ask her.”

Zack got up and walked in the other room as Zelda was setting up a tabletop board game

“So what’s my sweetheart up to today hmm?” Zelda asked Zack as he sat down.

Zack looked at Zelda and said “Maki’s going to take us to a picnic, dad said it was alright, would you like to come?”

“Hmm…” Zelda started.

Zack knew that meant “No”, so he added “And tonight we’re going to go to a supper at Chelsea’s”

“Chelsea?” Zelda said slowly.

“Yeah, you know,” Zack told her as he sat down “Angel’s mum.” “Yeah,” Zelda said as she rolled the dice. “Maybe someday.”

Zack smiled, then exclaimed “Really! That’d be awesome.”

Zelda stayed calm, moved a figure and told Zack “But not today alright?” She sorted out the cards in her hand “I’ve got a lot of work that needs finishing up.” Then looked at Zack with a light smile and said “I’ll miss you guys though.”

“Oh, I’m sure that Maki and Joy will stop by, papa wouldn’t want you to be lonely.” Zack said, then he looked at his hand, smiled and moved his figure.

Zelda sighed, smiled and said “After I get to actually talk with Annabel I might just take you up on that offer!”


Zelda squinted her eyes with a smile and told Zack “That’s Angel’s mother dear, she knows how to communicate with ghosts you know.”

Zack stopped and asked Zelda “She does? Where is she?”

“With that boy Maki fancies, I suspect right now,” then Zelda started to play a card, laughed and said “If she’s awake anyway.”

As Zelda was sorting out her turn, Zack’s phone rang.

“Good happy saturday morning, My little dragon winged monster,” Luke said over the Zack’s phones speaker. “is there any plans for today?”

As Zelda started moving a figure she brought it back down and slowly pretended to decide how to play her turn.

Zack giggled and asked “Luke?”


“Maki and Joy are going to take us out to show us that thing she told me about,” Zack said over the phone “can you come too please?”

“Yeah,” Luke answered “I’ll just tell Mom we’re going to the mall.”

Zack smiled and said “Okay, sounds awesome, we’ll pick you up in a bit okay.”

“Cool,” Luke answered then put on a Quoted voice and said “And the adventures for the dragon winged fairy never cease!”

As Zack put his phone down, Zelda asked him “So what are you so smiley about?” Then moved her figure and added, “Some secret with Maki?”

“Mmhmm” Zack smiled as he rolled the dice.


“Knock Knock” the Luke’s hand said against Zelda’s front door late that saturday morning.

Zack smiled when he opened it to saw Luke, then looking back noticed Maki, Joy and Jossiline come toward the steps. “Hi! I didn’t know you all were coming.”

“Well,” Luke started as Zelda came toward the door, “I told mom that Joy was taking you and she said, “Well then that’s awesome, he can try some of my biscuits.” She’s trying to make cookies like Snow’s mom Kaitlin, I think they’re going to be in a cooking club or something,”

“See,” Jossiline told Joy, “she thinks really highly of you!”

“Okay” Joy answered.

Zelda smiled, gave Luke a hug and said “That’s wonderful, I’m so glad that you’re part of my family now.” then handed Zack his coat and gave them all hugs.


The group went down the porch on that warm Saturday in october and Zack told Luke “This is going to be so awesome!”

“Have fun, be safe and love you” Zelda waved from the porch

to Zack, Maki, Luke and Joy as Jossiline started up her van.

“Love you too!”

“So where are we going?” Luke asked as they got their seatbelts on.

“Just to a picnic.” Maki answered.

“A picnic in the park?” Luke asked thinking “Like in a old book!”

“Yes.” Maki answered and started to sing a rhyme “A picnic in the park and through the woods to Marybell’s house we go!”

Marybell?” Jossiline asked as she drove down the road.

“I don’t know.” Zack said “Do you know Marybell?”

After a moment Jossiline smiled and said “I know a lot of people. at least I used to. But mostly it’s from a story I heard about a…” She paused “A very interesting manor whose foundation was so heavy it sank into the ground by the river.”

Zack laughed and said “Really?”

“It’s just a fairy tale sweaty, but sometimes, usually fairytales are truthful, at least a little bit.” Jossiline answered as they came close to Gaile St.

“Hey,” Zack started to ask “is this the park we’re going to?”

“Yyup,” Jossiline answered “Joy said Luke probably could’ve walked but then we couldn’t have met your family and had those wonderful biscuits!”

Zack looked at Luke and wanted to ask ‘Are they really wonderful? I didn’t even know your mom cooked.’

Soon after Jossiline parked the car to let the kids out and take a picnic basket from the back, Jossiline asked “See isn’t it better then having to walk that 2000 feet with that big box?”

“Yes, thank you very much” Joy told Jossiline, giving her a hug from her open window.

“Have fun,” Jossiline said as the group scurried down the path toward then park entrance. “I’ll be back in a couple hours if I don’t hear from you all sooner! Love you all!”

As they went inside the park Luke asked Joy “Who’s Marybell?” and thought ‘And why is your aunt curious about Maki’s little rhyme?’

“I don’t know any Marybell,” Maki answered “I think that Angel’s momma dog is Marybell.”

“I think that Scrappy’s momma is named Marybell.” Zack added as he thought about the Akita that he was given last year.

Maki glanced over at the group to make sure they were following her into the woods and called out, “Auntie’s puppy.”

‘Puppy, Scrappy, Marybell?’ Luke thought about Zack’s large white dog and mumbled “He’s a puppy?”

“So were going to have a picnic.” Maki said as she stopped a few hundred feet down the wooded path.

“A real picnic?” Luke asked “Like in the old books?”

“Or movies?” Zack added.

Maki pulled at the collar of her backpack to take it off and answered “Kinda.” Then walked into the woods a bit.

“Hey…” Luke looked around and started to say as Maki set her backpack down and started to unzip it. “This isn’t the picnic area”

“I know.” Zack answered in excitement “It’s going to be so awesome!”

Maki looked around for something a little bit deeper into the woods and told them “Last night while Patrick was taking me to Joy’s aunt’s, I finally convinced him to let you guys explore,” then smiled as she seemed to find what she was looking for and added “through the mirrors!”

“Hmm?” Luke watched Maki take a tube out of her backpack and open a cloth bag, then asked Zack “What’s going on?” Then Maki tied two straps to a tree branch. and wondered ‘Is she setting up a swing or hammock?’

Maki opened the cover of the tube and started unraveling something saying “He kept being unsure. even when I kept trying to convince him to “Don’t worry it’ll be safe. The walkie-talkies work through this one, it just goes through! Not just any strange place, but through!”

Maki turned her head to smile at them, then clipping the top of the cloth to the straps, she let the picture fall.

As the canvas fell they saw what looked to be a mirror because the trees were swinging in the wind, and as it touched the ground they noticed that they weren’t in the image.

“I said and finally convinced him because he said “Alright…even though I’m scared. I think that it’s the right thing to do, especially if the boys are getting stalked by someone from over there, wherever there is.” Maki told them with another smile, adding “And then he let me out to see you.”

“This is what you were telling me about?” Luke asked Zack

“Mmhmm!” Zack smiled and told Luke “Just like Varimon! Come on, feel it!”

Luke wanted to touch it, Luke was probably going to get to touch it, ‘Of course you going to touch it,’ he told himself, ‘that’s what she’s showing us!’

The canvas behind her looked much like a mirror, yet there reflections were not there, it didn’t smell of paint yet the atmosphere surrounding it was obviously different as the surroundings were not like a mirror, but like x-ray vision because it was leaning against a tree.

As a breeze came through the canvas, Maki took a quick glance at Joy and said “Right joy! Everything’s going to be alright.”

“…What is it?” Luke asked.

“It’s a special type of cloth.” Maki answered simply.

“Cloth?” Luke asked confused “Zack said it was like a big window, or a tv screen,“ then realized ‘Oh that’s probably how this new screen works.’

Maki looked at Zack and asked “Is that what you’ve been telling him?” Then waved her hands, took a long sigh and said, “Well anyways, it’s technically, probably a screen… But not a tv screen.” Then looked from Joy to the trees on the other side and said “It’s more like a portal.”

“A door.” Joy suggested.

“Yeah.” Maki smiled and told the boys “And they’re everywhere!”

“Like, like Misty’s?” Luke asked.

“…Maybe.” Maki answered, then thought, ”Oh, you mean Mr. steampunk from last night?” Maki looked at her surroundings slowly as she said “…Yeeeaaahhh.” Then met her friends eyes, nodded her head “Yes, it is.”

“Unhuh” Zack said then smiled and told Luke “I told you she would tell us. Remember yesterday when I found those pictures in papa’s workshop?”

“Yeah, that’s what these are like,” Maki spoke up “Just a little different, but I’ll tell you about those later, like I told your dad. “These go right through.”

‘What do you mean?’ Luke thought as he tilted his head and asked “You mean they don’t all?”

“…No, the first one I found went all the way to Quebec! And I was lost for like hours!” Maki informed them “Everything was different, even the numbers, like Arabic or something, but…” She looked up then centered on every one of them and glanced at the canvas as she finished with a smile. “It’s all better now.”

Joy smiled and said “Thank the lord.”

Maki started putting her hand in it and invited the others to do the same.

Luke put his hand on the canvas and gasped, then giggled as he reached in and touched a leaf on the other side and started pulling it out through,

Zack took a little breath and put his face in and smiled.

“Come on,” Maki pulled them back. “I don’t want you to get too excited you know, that’s what happened to them,” Maki started “they got lost, they were young and didn’t have responsibilities or something and they go hurt so,” She waved her arm toward the canvas and said “Lets go in.”



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