Chapter 1

Chapter 1; 1st Wednesday, Juniper in school!?

“It started on the first Wednesday in October, Halloween costumes were being planned, fall weather was becoming a reality and a new excitement was being created, and/or realized… and hopefully we’ll find out what Luke meant by his friend’s new hobby!”

“My it’s a windy Wednesday, isn’t it Pookie?”

“Oh bother~! Always blustery when all I want is chocolaty honey!”


Water is shiny, water is clear, water is like a window whose substance we hold dear, water can’t be still or else it can go bad, so let it flow so that we don’t go mad!


–Previously, in the unwritten portion of our story:

Zack looked around with what seemed to be paranoia as he and his best friend Luke walked down the school hallway.

“They’re watching me” Zack told Luke “I mean, they’re in this school somewhere, I know they are!”

‘What are?’ Thought Luke while glancing at Zack ‘Bullies? No one’s gonna pick on my friend and get away with it.’  then he asked Zack “Who’s watching you?”

“The people in the pictures!” Zack exclaimed to Luke “It’s like a magical school house here you know, all these pictures, and on all the magic shows people come out of pictures, but here. they don’t, I mean, they come out of windows and mirrors!”

and now–

Chapter 1: w1d2 “Juniper’s reflection.”

“They’re everywhere you know, watching me, and waiting for me to see them.” Zack looked out a window and told Luke as school ended that Wednesday.

“And waiting for you to show me!” Luke exclaimed, then asked “Zack, when am I going to meet your new friends huh?” Luke asked

Zack stopped as he held a blank expression, then slowly turned his head to meet Luke’s face for a moment, and said “Haaa, I honestly don’t know, but I hope it will be soon.”

“Yeah, real soon…” Luke added sadly as they started to walk past lockers again he called “Zack..?”

“Yeah?” Zack asked as he turned around in front of Luke and started walking backwards.

Luke watched for a moment, then started to smile right before he said “I found one yesterday.”

Zack opened his eyes wide put on a smile and asked “Really? I thought you didn’t believe me.”

“What kinda friend would I be if I didn’t believe you?” Luke protested with a scrunched nose, and admitted “But I suppose I am still skeptical, I mean,” with a shrug of his shoulders he asked “Who wouldn’t be? I’ve never seen them.”

“But you agreed that momma’s house is haunted,” Zack asked quickly “why wont you believe that this is real, huh?”

Luke glanced at Zack and answered “Because mirrors and reflections are just strange, and anyways… Everyone believes in ghosts, whether they admit it or not.”

Zack smiled, then frowned. then as he reached in his pocket for his mobile phone he heard Luke sigh and mumble “Maybe it’s just fantasy.”

“Is this fantasy?” Zack asked as he opened up a picture of a man with a briefcase in the bathroom mirror, and held it up for Luke for a moment. “Who knows, maybe it’s the mirrors are haunted around this place.”

‘The wall was different,’ Luke thought as Zack took back his phone and tried to figure out what he was looking at, ‘but, maybe it’s not the first floor boys bathroom…’

“Well, that’s just a photo, things might be photo-shopped you know,” Luke told Zack “or maybe it’s just special effects, like those fairy pictures. or just a fluke.”

“It’s not a fluke.” Zack said quickly “And it’s not something I put on the mirror either to show you.” Zack sighed and looked down as they walked quietly for what felt like moments, then mumbled “But this isn’t one of those, this is real life, and real life is weird…”

“I know….” Luke told Zack as they walked down the hall for a moment and added, “But I wanna see one, for real’s, like those eyes that follow you around in movies.” then glancing at Zack he added “Because I only hear about your stories, it’s not proof or anything really.”

“Well this isn’t just a story, and this is not just some movie thing either…” Zack started as they got there backpacks.


“And anyway,” Zack added “it’s not some creepy eyes that follow you around in portraits sorta thing.”

“No?” Luke asked.

“No,” Zack said “everything is different.”

“Like a carnival mirror?” Luke asked.

Zack looked at Luke and exclaimed “No! Not like that!”

“Or is it like in that mirror Zelda gave you?” Luke asked “It’s haunted you know, maybe these mirrors are too.”

“Hmm?” Zack said happy that Luke started showing interest “Haunted windows too? But most people don’t notice even them…” then he looked around at the old walls and said “Maybe they are haunted. This is part of an old church right? Maybe there are ghosts here.”

“Or just some fancy new lighting,” Luke said “It’s Halloween month, and they have good stagecraft technicians around here you know.”

‘Like some old tale of trying to make me think I’m crazy by seeing ghosts in October..?’ Zack thought with a smile and told Luke “Maybe it is, well anyways that would still be cool! Stumbling onto something like that! I wonder how they do it? I gotta ask papa.”

“Yeah,” Luke laughed, as he thought how Zack’s dad always pushes Zack to actually make a working model instead of watching a “How it works” video. “He’ll probably make you build one.”

Zack smiled, he liked having to build stuff with his family, and said “If I give him a reason to.” then he stopped in front of a teachers office and said “Well anyways, this is what I was talking about!”

As Zack opened a picture of a cat that looked strange, kinda like Luke’s neighbors cat, white with ribbons and colored patches all over, he asked Luke “Doesn’t that look like Snowball? And he was right there!”

Luke inspected the area, then looked back at Zack’s phone which showed the photo of a cat “Ahh, hmm…” Luke started and though ‘Zack supposedly really took the photo here, but still…’ then asked “You sure it’s not photo-shopped?”

Zack laughed at the suggestion, “Why do you think I took out my camera?” he asked “Anyways, when I turned around she wasn’t there, but when I turned and looked back in the window she was!”

“Ok,” Luke said, thinking ‘And it’s not some snapfun app?’ “That’s some fancy new toy, anyways, most people are going to think it’s some new game, augmented reality hologram stuff right, so how are we going to prove it?”

“What do you mean?” Zack asked “I only need to prove it to my family, and you almost already believe me.”

Luke sighed, then said “Ok, I mean, if we start telling people about the;” he used hand motions “Things that are really there sometimes, then there not.” Some people are going to think we’re crazy.”

Zack laughed again as he started swinging his legs high and slowly walked saying “They already think that! You do know Maki is like my babysitter right.”

Luke shrugged his shoulders and as he followed Zack down the hall toward the stairs and wondered if other people knew Maki did things with Zack, and ‘If she even lets other people see that side of her or we’re just special. “My wonderful adopted family!”

“Well,” Luke told Zack “if it is stagecraft, it’s really good, fools me, so when exactly did you get it?”

“Umm…” Zack started as he looked at his phone and tapped a few buttons “The timestamp says 9:30 today!” he smiled and stopped in front of a window with a big tree blocking most of the view. “Oh here’s another place!” Zack said tapping on the window “I saw some cool stuff from here.”

“Like what?” Luke asked while looking out at a window and staring at a tree branch blocking the road “Other than this big nut tree?”

“Well,” Zack answered “That same kitty cat to be precise, also the walls were different, but that’s most likely since the windows dirty and the reflection of the tree itself!”


‘I didn’t get a picture because the cat ran away but-’  Zack thought as they heard a door creak open.

“Hi” Misty waved to Zack and Luke from her classroom doorway

“Hi Misty!” Zack answered with a wave.

Misty came closer toward the window and asked “Aren’t reflections interesting?”

“Hi” Luke waved and turned back to the nut tree window.

Misty looked out of the window, then mumbled “forgot my bag again…” and headed back into her room.

“See!” Luke exclaimed ”She’s gonna help you.” and whispered to Zack “Remember last year when she and Mr Hop’nscotch helped us build a car out of spare junk in their garage?”

“Yeah…” Zack smiled and watched as Misty closed her door with a bag in her hand, then opened it again to shut off the lights. “Hmm,“

Misty came back and asked Zack and Luke “So what is what this about reflections that you’ve been finding so interesting lately? Have you two found something new to do?”

“Well,” Zack started with a breath “Things are just moving around inside mirrors and such, it’s like a prism or shadow, but we just can’t find it, so… we’re just trying to figure out where they’re coming from.”

“Hmm…” Misty started with a curious smile, “Where the prisms originate? That very hard to do sometimes i’int it.” then smiled, looked back out the window and added “But any help that I can give you I’m always here, or just a phone call away you know.”

Luke thought ‘There’s nothing but that tree-branch’ and mumbled “Yup, thank you very much, it’s probably nothing though.”

“Oh?” Misty asked surprised “You don’t want to investigate this mystery? I’ve got quite a collection of odd prismy things hidden away in my closet you know.”

Zack looked at Misty and asked “…Really?”

Misty pretended to be hurt and said “Yes really!..”

“Well,” Zack started to say as he turned his phone screen, opened the gallery and held it up for Misty to see, “Well, there’s odd things though, like this cat, I took this this morning, it’s from the window upstairs.”

“Hmm” Misty started with a smile, then looked out the window, and started to ask “is the cat inside or outside?”

“I don’t know…” Zack said as he flipped through pictures so that Misty could see. “And these,”

“Flip, flip, flip,” Zack’s phone said and soon Misty’s face lit up with a giggle at a picture of a knight and a fairy princess, “Are those for Halloween?” continuing to smile as she glanced at the long cone shaped hat and the knight’s mask.

Luke turned and Misty added “It seems like you have your costumes all ready,”

“It’s not just a princess and knight,” Zack told Misty, then flipped to the next image and added “it’s a dragon princess, see.” pointing to the screen that showed a close up of green sparkly wings. “But I don’t think mom will like that, I don’t know what other costume to do though…”

“Well,” Misty smiled as she took a breath and told her students “I know what I’m going to dress as. At least I think I do… A horse doctor.”

“A horse doctor?” Luke asked “What, with a plushie pony bike and a lab coat?”

“No…” Misty chuckled again. “A horse doctor! I’ve a horse mask that I’ve been playing with and thought it’d make a good costume like Mr Ted like tv!”

Zack and Luke thought about Mr Ted on Campy TV, about “A human finds finds a horse mask is stuck on his head and now acts as a superhero for all farm animals.”

He woke up with a mask on his head and now is a superhero!

Mr Ted! Mr Ted! Mr Ted!, found a mask on his head and now is a superhero.

Any animal in need he will save he’s a superhero!

Any farmer that’s in need Mr Ted is a superhero!

He will help them all, “He talks to us you know.” ‘Cluck!

“Is it magic?” Quack~~~!

It’s a mask on his head and now he’s our superhero (all!)

“I’m Mr Ted” ‘pba-dum.

Zack and Luke smiled as they tried to imagine this relatively short young teacher in a old fashioned buttoned up dress wearing such a mask and said “Cool!”


“I took a video this time!” Zack wrote on the header as a cat walked above the receptionists desk, and as the camera

“but when I opened the door, the cat was gone, But when I looked back in the window the cat was still there!” Zack wrote as a comment.

“So how did you do that with Juniper?” Zack’s mom asked him as she gave Juniper new water “Are they doing video editing in the computer lab?”

“No.” Zack started, looked at her and said “It was just a funny picture is all.”


While Zack was in bed he read the comments from his video clip an noticed there was no comment from his dad.

“Oooh! a ghost cat!”

“what app is that?”

“is there some new augmented game out? whats it called?”

Zack sent Luke a goodnight message.


“What’s that app? is that some new game? that looks cool!” and mom said “oh you got some new Ipad game” and I said “no its real, the people in the mirrors are real!” then she told me. “stop being so childish Zack, you’ve got to be a good example for your brother.”

it wasn’t what I was supposed to get at all…


don’t worry, tomorrow I got a gift for you, and we can find lots of stuff too!


Why didn’t papa say anything? even if he doesn’t like it he says “Awesome, or cool or something” but he didn’t say anything, and it was all day.


Maybe he wasn’t home.


That was probably it, It doesn’t bother me too much, we’ll be seeing a lot of each other on the weekend.


or maybe dad thinks its stupid too…

Luke sighed and prayed “Please make tomorrow a great day,” as he laid his phone down beside him.



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